Here are some of my interests.

1. My house is my first hobby as I have to renovate it every year. Next year will be the 32nd year.

To the left we are making "rosvopaisti", preparing a whole lamb in the ground.
This took abt 10 hours.

To the right the small sitting room with pictures of Swedish kings. Picture taken by Rapia.

Rosvopaisti and party
To the left the dining room and to the right the "green" bedroom. Pictures by Rapia.
To the left sitting room and to the right family lantern. Pictures by Rapia.
To the left livingroom corner vith grandpas grandpa and to the right bedroom oven fron 18th century.

Pictures by Rapia.


One other interest has been travelling.

I in Corsica I at pico del Teide I and king Arthur I in Gripen plane I in Sardinia
I in Montreal I in Käkisalmi (Russia) I in London I in Key West I and Viki at Giza

Lately I have started to make "Tiffany" glass figures. Here my first - the family coat of arms.


I have made some engravings on glass with my family coat of arms.

To the far left two vine glases and to thje left another model
To the left closer picture.